Zupfnoter Version 1.5.0 now running on zupfnoter.weichel21.de

Zupfnoter Version 1.5.0 is now running on zupfnoter.weichel21.de. This release features a new forms based user interface for the configuration parameters. If you are facing problems, please do not hesitate to ask questions on https://www.zupfnoter.de/zupfnoter/frage-und-antwort/ even in english.

V 1.5

backward compatibility issues

  • filenames are now trimmed – this might lead to slightly different filenames in dropbox
  • we now have a filenamepart per extract. It allows to change titles without changing the filenames. Future releases might introduce a default value. So better adapt this parameter now.
  • you need first to invoke „login“ in Zupfnoter before you can use the „open“
  • the fingerprint on a page might change as we now have 2 decimal digits in configuration #95


  • adjusted German language also for error messages #47
  • communication with Dropbox (error handling etc.) #77
  • improved auto positioning of barnumbers and counthints #81
  • builtin sheet annotation no longer claims a copyright #69
  • optimized position of cutmarks #74
  • fix whitespace handling in lyrics and filenames #54
  • report multiple F and T lines #54
  • non BWC trim filename addendum #54
  • Jumpline end are now correct in case of a full rest #50
  • no longer shift name first and last string in the stringnames #18
  • Editor no longer hangs if harpnotes could not be created #86
  • abc2svg titletrim now turned off #88
  • browser now consider zupfnoter as secure site again #90
  • Now also use ctrl/cmd-RETURN for render
  • Now yield 1.50 instead of 1.49999999 to minimize rounding effects #95


  • now we have configuration paramters for printer optimimization #82
  • now have forms based configuration #67
  • now have forms based editing of snippets (now called addons) #83
  • now have a lyrics editor tab #8
  • more styles for annotations #70
  • now have a parameter „filenamepart“ per extract to determine the filename addendum for the extract #72
  • now raise a popup if an error occurs on render or save #76
  • now have a button to toggle harpnote preview #93
  • now have foundation for optimized packer, and an experimental packer #89
  • now show information of the day #98
  • now have quick settings for some configuration #97